Spicy BBQ Wings
Spicy BBQ Wings

Spicy BBQ Wings 🌶🌶🌶

Spicy BBQ Wings are one of our award-winning wing flavors, X-Hot BBQ! These are wild wings indeed NOT for the faint of heart, they are both bubblicious & fiery. BiG AL had started with his original BBQ Wings, but wasn't satisfied there and made these new wings after what he says was a dream about a fireball,,,After 6 weeks experimenting with many numerous different spices  and a variety of peppers blended with his own BBQ wings sauce, he finally came up with the Spicy BBQ Wings. These award-winning all-white  HORMONE FREE chicken wings are smothered in the new spicy BBQ sauce, and they WILL make you sweat. These wild wings are a full-court press of in your face flavor.

Google Reviews

Nisha H.

6/4/2019 ***** Nisha H. Los Angeles, CA

Always fresh always delicious! Can't get enough! 

Join their rewards program; you get freebies once in a while. I received free 1/2 pound wings twice already with no purchase necessary!

Yecenia L.

4/19/019 ***** Yecenia L. Hesperia, CA

“I visit this place I am happy to say there pizza is very good and especially their carne asada pizza sounds out the world but the flavors in your mouth WOW!! Delicious not to overpowering very good.

Wings overall they are oven baked which is a plus in my list. Sauces are good ask for a sample that way your palate is prepared for taste and to be honest my favorite is the spicy barbecue.

Ashanae A.

3/29/2019 ***** Ashanae A. Cerritos, CA

“This place is so amazing, best wing and pizza place,

The spice bbq wing are so good would recommend this place to everyone for the best pizza spot in California.

Brenda S.

3/28/2019 ***** Brenda S. Costa Mesa, CA

“Get the wings! I had the barbecue ones. They definitely don’t have your typical bbq taste but they're so good! We also got the spicy ones and the sauce was really good! It's a good small spot that will be expanded this year. The staff was great and very welcoming and explained their best sellers since it was our first time there.