Red Dragon

Red Dragon Wings

Get a taste of Asia with our new Red Dragon wings for phenomenal sweet & sour flavor.

Google Reviews

Lamáre S.

3/12/2019 ***** Lamáre S. San Jose, CA

Was kinda sad that we took our food to-go because I was lookin' to give the owners of the place a hug and a kiss.

The 4 flavors of wings we ordered were sooo tasty. The pizza Lebanese garlic chicken was to die for yo. You wouldn't think garlic chicken could get better.”

Christina J.

2/16/2019 ***** Christina J. Norwalk, CA

I'm so impressed with the level of quality and taste of this place!! Packed but worth it! My husband and I went here for dinner. Walking in, we were greeted and offered the only table left at 9:30 at night. Despite being almost closing time, the girl behind the counter welcomed us to sit and order.

This was our first time there, so my husband ordered the Brisket sandwich and Dragon wings, both were AWESOME!! I ordered the Hawaiian pizza. Definitely delicious.

The crowd inside ranged from young to old and it just gave off a good vibe. Prices are reasonable but I always choose quality over quantity ANYDAY. And Big Al's does not disappoint.