Red Dragon

Red Dragon Wings

Get a taste of Asia with our new Red Dragon wings for phenomenal sweet & sour flavor.

Google Reviews

Photo of Paul M.

2/2/2020 ***** Paul M. Bell Gardens, GA

All the girls working there are sweet and kind, the pizza was absolutely amazing and the wings... This should be in some kind of history book for delicious food.

Photo of Asmaa E.

1/16/2020 ***** Asmaa E. Long Beach, CA

“Honestly the BEST brisket sandwich I've had anywhere...we eat a lot of brisket. We came for the carne asada pizza, jerk wings, dragon wings, buffalo wings and the brisket sandwich! I don't know why we don't come often, but we will now! Must try.

Madiha Khurshid

11/22/2019 ***** Madiha Khurshid Maywood, CA

To say that Big Al’s pizzeria is my favorite pizza place ever would be an understatement. Have been here multiple times despite the fact that it’s over an hour away from where I live.

The brisket, wings, and ultimately their pizzas are out of this world amazing. I have yet to try something that I didn’t like here. Even their homemade cheesecake which I was hesitant to try at first, was AMAZING!

Every time I have people visiting, I tell them about this place because the toppings and the mix of ingredients at Big Al’s is hard to beat. Thank you for keeping it halal. I will drive miles and miles for your food. If they could expand to Orange County and still keep the level of perfection they have going on now, I would be thrilled to have one closer by! Until then, I’ll be back here whenever I want delicious, mouthwatering pizza and wings.