Lemon Pepper Wings
Lemon Pepper Wings

Lemon Pepper Wings  (One lb)

One of our signature sauces best described as lemony, peppery, velvety… Full of flavor, fresh garlic, lemon, parmesan cheese.

BiG AL'S Lemon Pepper Wings offer you SERIOUS zest and each delicious wing is perfectly seasoned with garlic, lemon, and parmesan cheese. It is a true murderers' row of great flavors as these wild wing will satisfy your hunger. Each order features 1lb of pure, all-white  HORMONE FREE chicken meat coated in BiG AL's intoxicating lemon pepper signature sauce. Like the LA Dodgers' core of young players, BiG AL's Lemon Pepper Wings are a great bargain. Each wing is a home run as it clears the bases of your appetite.

BiG AL's Lemon Pepper Wings will get you warmed up and ready for more great Dodgers' action this coming season. The MVP of BiG AL's wing menu, the Lemon Pepper Wings not only make a great lead-off man, but these tasty little treats can close out a game, too. Fresh, tangy and full of mouthwatering flavor, order these wings and watch the Dodgers continue their journey.

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Photo of JesDaMan C.

11/12/2019 ***** JesDaMan C. CA, CA

Visited this wonder location Yesterday. My goodness this place is amazing. Wonderful food people and atmosphere. Very genuine customer service and the diversity of people that came to visit. Loved the "Everyone Is Welcome Sign" ThankYou For the Experience and 5 Stars isn't enough for me I would give this place a 10stars if possible.

And apparently CardiB loves the LemonPepper Wings which I Agree. Delicious Location Hope this Business expands and Keeps Growing


Photo of Maria G.

10/30/2019 ***** Mrs R. Los Angeles, CA

“I've been here 3 times and I will keep coming back due to the excellent service and amazing food.  My favorite pizza is the bacon jalapeño burger pizza and their wings are soooooooo delicious. I love their habanero and lemon pepper wings! I do wish they had spicier wings because I looove spicy food but I will definitely be recommending Big Al's to friends and family.

Photo of Calib L.

10/20/2019 ***** Calib L. Kailua, HI

“This restaurant has perfected so many different aspects of their offerings, it's hard to start with any one point. The bbq brisket sub puts California bbq on the map, it's not oversauced and has a nice tender brisket that anyone who's had good bbq would commend.

The Jamaican wings have a distinct halal-flavored twist and should not be shied from based on their 3-pepper rating on the spice scale. The buffalo is richer in flavor than most other wing spots, and it's got enough kick to make your nose run a little. The lemon pepper wings(my favorite by far) have flavor that can be tasted all the way to the bone, and in my opinion, have reached a level that classifies them as greater than just another pound of wings.

The Lebanese garlic pizza is a beautiful blend of unorthodox ingredients that create a vibrant combination of flavors without any one element outdoing another. I'll be trying the mascarpone cheesecake and carne asada pizza that I had to bring home later, which I expect will be worthy of the same caliber of review.