Jamaican Wings
Jamaican Wings

Jamaican Hot Wings (One lb) 🌶 🌶 🌶

Vibrant, Earthy, Green Jerk Sauce...One of our signature hot wings sauces, and our own play on Jamaican jerk sauce, sweet with a very spicy kick. BiG AL has made his own projections for the upcoming baseball season, and he has predicted his Jamaican Wings are a home run. While other fans are busy eating flavorless wings, real fans will be chowing down on BiG AL's 1lb of all-white, HORMONE FREE tender chicken meat wings. BiG AL's wings have no rivals, just imitators. Each piece of delicious chicken is seasoned in BiG AL's signature Jamaican sauce. With every bite, you will feel the fiery jerk seasoning along with a sweet, tangy kick to the senses.

Google Reviews

Stephanie G.

7/2/2019 ***** Stephanie G. Huntington Beach, CA

“Omg the best pizza and wings I've ever had.

The place is small but it looks like they are expanding which is perfect

Alma B.

6/30/2019 ***** Alma B. Monterey Park, CA

I like this place the food is delish. The wings are saucy and have lots of flavors.”

Raahima S.

6/23/2019 ***** Raahima S. Simi Valley, CA

My favorite pizza place, I drive over 50 miles just to come here for the Jamaican pizza and wings. It's hard to find anything like this elsewhere in LA.

It's definitely worth the drive and waits (there's always a line). I highly recommend the Jamaican flavors if you can handle the spice and the Chicken Burger pizza is amazing as well.