Habanero Wings
Habanero Wings

Habanero Wings (One lb) 🌶🌶🌶

One of the signature sauces, citrusy, firey, made with a 5-Chili Blend! The name says it all… It's HOT! BiG AL's Habanero Wings are the linchpin to the pizzeria's fantastic range of wings.

Google Reviews

Jacob N.

7/23/2019 ***** Jacob N. South Montebello, CA

“This place is SO good! I love coming and trying out their new pizzas every now and again as well their bomb wings!... 

Basil M.

6/12/2019 ***** Basil M. Murrieta, CA

I really enjoyed this place! Came on a Saturday night. Be prepared to wait, especially if you plan to sit and eat. They are expanding, which should be done soon.

Food is great. We went with a bunch of friends and orders lots of food to share, so we tried different things. I had a slice of pepperoni, meat lovers, and bacon cheeseburger.

Also had wings in buffalo, habanero, and lemon pepper.

Lastly we ordered a brisket sandwich as well. My favorite item was the meat lovers pizza. Best part - it's halal. I don't eat pork, so it's great to get to eat pepperoni and sausage and bacon that's made from beef!

Nisha H.

6/4/2019 ***** Nisha H. Los Angeles, CA

Always fresh always delicious! Can't get enough! 

Join their rewards program; you get freebies once in a while. I received free 1/2 pound wings twice already with no purchase necessary!