BBQ Wings
BBQ Wings

BBQ Wings (One lb)

Lightly-Smoked, Sweet & Tangy BBQ sauce smothered in a 1 lb. of crispy, savory wings. Served with a side of ranch.

Google Reviews

3/13/2020 ***** Kay S.  Long Beach, CA

“I've always come to get my pizza from here my favorite is the Jamaican Jerk. The wings are also amazing.

3/12/2020 ***** Jessie C.  Los Angeles, CA

Very good pizza, even better wings!

This place doesn't disappoint at all.

Would definitely Recommend it to anyone.”

3/9/2020 ***** John D. Torrance, CA

“I just wanted to let u guys know. I went to Big Al's this weekend and sent a free order of wings to my phone so I said I'm going to get them and also order a brisket sandwich. I'm telling you the food is bomb.

The most important part of ordering from here, it constantly has that great taste.  Also wanted to thank Big Al's for the free wings. Keep up the good work.”