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BiG Al’S Rule # 1 Never Be #2 If you don’t LOVE it, BiG AL will eat it! We specialize in all American BBQ and amazing award-winning chicken wings! Come down and try our authentic NY style pizza too. We use only the freshest and finest ingredients. All of our meats and poultry are hormone free, antibiotic free and Zabiha Halal!

Google Reviews

Photo of Nayeli m.

***** Nayeli m. South Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 11/1/2020

One of my favorite pizza spots , very quick service and the pizza is always fresh. They also make it to your liking, the well done is my favorite. Very great deals as well !

Photo of Benny A.

***** Benny A. Los Angeles, CA 11/1/2020

Delicious pizza. Worth the price.

Photo of Pedro H.

***** Pedro H. South Gate, CA 10/31/2020

Very good place to get your pizza. Food quality is much better than Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Caesars, Costco pizza and all those other local spots. They take a lot of time and consideration when preparing your food, I can't speak for all of the locations. I ordered a double pepperoni pizza over the phone, the person who answered was very nice and mentioned several specials they had, but I only wanted one double pepperoni pizza. They also offered me a nice drink to go with the pizza. Very attentive and considerate with me. Once I got my pizza the flavor first blew me away. The pepperoni had a fantastic flavor. I eat pizza all the time. You can tell which places use good pepperoni, some places have bland pepperoni, others have it way too over seasoned, other places have it undercooked. Not here, the pepperoni was cooked to perfection crispiness  it was not over seasoned which was great also. You can tell they use quality pepperoni also just by the flavor alone. The pizza crust was very toasty and good as well which is a big bonus. I hate soggy pizza, this pizza was perfectly crispy and tasty and had a nice amount of crunch too. The cheese was great also, what I really enjoyed was the sauce. It had the perfect amount of seasoning, I mention this because a lot of pizza places have theirs way too sweet, way too thick, way too thin. Here the sauce is perfect and has a real nice flavor. Overall this place is a great buy for everyone. It's not too expensive also. Check this place out people!